2017 Marcella Summit Scholarship

At The Marcella Project, we believe the Summit is an extremely impactful time to gather, learn, and engage together so that we can learn how to live in Blessed Alliance. We rely on in-kind gifts, sponsors, and generous individuals to help make this event a success.  We do recognize, however, that the registration fee along with the cost of accommodations may prohibit some people from attending. This year, we are offering potential Summit participants the opportunity to apply for scholarships in the hope that we can make this Summit accessible to everyone who is called to participate.  

Scholarships are awarded based on a number of criteria, including availability of scholarship funds and applicant’s financial need.  We cannot guarantee a scholarship award to any individual.  Scholarships are not transferable to other participants.


Summit Scholarship Options

  • Partial Scholarships - A Partial Scholarship is an award equal to the registration fee. Partial Scholarship recipients will be responsible for reserving and paying for their own housing. Summit housing applications and instructions are emailed with the scholarship award letters.

  • Full Scholarships - A Full Scholarship is an award equal to the registration fee plus the housing fee (equal to dorm/quad room fee for one person). Information about how to reserve housing is emailed with the scholarship award letter.  If Full Scholarship recipients require rooms of greater cost than a dorm, they are responsible for paying the difference in cost. We offer very few Full Scholarships.


If you choose to apply for a scholarship, please go ahead and register for the Summit online here; you can wait to make a payment until you have received a response regarding a potential scholarship. Next, complete the application form below. We will do our best to respond to Retreat Scholarship applications within one month of the application deadline.

Application Deadline:  April 7, 2017

Late applications will not be accepted.


Questions? Krista Murry at krista@themarcellaproject.com


2017 Marcella Summit Scholarship Application

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